Accessing MongoDB from Nextjs

Following the example of you soon run into difficulty - as of October 2021, the version of the nextjs Mongo integration initialized by

npx create-next-app --example with-mongodb mflix

as the tutorial expects to find the file util/mongodb.js and the function connectToDatabase it contains, which is missing - because create-next-app here checks out to the “canary” branch. You have to either check out the branch “master” of that repo, or manually add the mongodb.js file from that branch into the project it created.

Then, the tutorial skips over a lot of crucial information about how to use the API. The answer to obtaining a single result from the API is to create a file e.g. [movie_id].js in pages/api/movies, and fill it with:

import { connectToDatabase } from "../../../util/mongodb";

const {ObjectId} = require('mongodb');

export default async function handler(req, res)


const { movie_id } = req.query;

const { db } = await connectToDatabase();

var o_id = new ObjectId(movie_id);

const movie_info = await db


.find({'_id' : o_id})




The key here is getting the definition of ObjectId from the mongodb node module, initializing o_id as an ObjectId from the 24-char movie idm then using it in the find() function of the collection object.

Overall, I’m thinking Mongo/Nextjs is insufficiently documented for my needs - my search for a node data backend continues.